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Marietta's Nature
Minus Mosquitoes

Undoubtedly, everyone loves spending a lot of time outdoors during summer. The same case applies to most people in Marietta. Spending good times with the family and friends as you utilize the grill with excellent meals would be enjoyable without annoying pests.

Dixie Exterminator wants to lay a hand in assisting you to get rid of these overwhelming problems so that you can relax and enjoy your small picnic with your family without fear of being bitten by the frustrating mosquitoes.

Regular Service for a Mosquito-Free Yard

We boast of a family-operated business that is one of the leading mosquito control and mosquito spraying service companies in Marietta. With our fifty years of experience, we have all these areas at our fingertips. We have the necessary equipment to help you protect your space today.

Mosquito control in Marietta is one of the significant problems many people encounter. This challenge is evident when you try to chill outside at night, where you can relate to how it feels to be attacked by these dangerous tiny creatures. It is annoying how small animals turn your good time into misery to a point where you have no choice but to go back inside.

Luckily, we can achieve mosquito control in Marietta. Working with the Georgia mosquito company is the remedy for this control. It understands how to deal with these small animals, stabilize their influence, and attack the people. A Marietta mosquito company, Dixie Exterminators, has been at the forefront for years as it provides solutions and multiple approaches to this difficulty.

Are you tired of pulling back into the house whenever you get out to chill? Worry no more because we are here. We only need you to give us a chance to restore your yard through our mosquito control techniques.

How We Treat
Shrubs & Lawns

The 7-month mosquito fogging program developed by the Dixie Exterminators is an approach designed to reduce the considerable number of mosquitos in a step-by-step manner.

The first step is the inspection of your property. Here, Dixie uses their efficient equipment to locate the present breeding sites within your stay area. After the mosquito breeding sites are located, Dixie's mosquito experts use a unique localized technique that only allows treatment of places where mosquitoes live. Some of the joint breeding sites of mosquitoes are tall grass, ivy, shrubs, and shaded areas. Adulticides are implemented to reduce the adult mosquitoes, while the Larvicides are used to destroy the young mosquitoes before they mature into the adult stage.

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Exterminating Mosquito Eggs & Larvae

There might be a risk of a good number of mosquitoes breeding near me, getting ready to ambush me at any given time. Extremely wet conditions and stagnant water provide a perfect breeding ground for these mosquitoes. Water usually accumulates in clogged gutters, which eventually become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Neglected water features also induce mosquitoes to lay their eggs in such regions, increasing the numbers.

Generally, mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay their eggs. In the life cycle of a mosquito, the egg, the larvae, and the pupae, stay in the water. The pupae hatch into the mosquitoes that grow into adults, which frustrate our peaceful summer. Draining standing water and fixing drainage systems are ways of reducing mosquitoes. You should also keep your grass short by mowing your lawn as you clean your gutters as a way of embracing mosquito control.

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