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Dixie Wildlife Division

Offers you full service in animal control for rodents (rats & mice), squirrels, bats, raccoons, opossums, moles, etc. We protect your home from animal infestation. Our team specializes in construction. What that means to you is that we will be using the best quality materials to animal proof your home. We find the places where animals can get in, such as roof gaps, roof vents, gable vents, foundation vents, ridge vents, and crawl spaces. We seal up any entry way. If necessary, we will add or remove any insulation that is needed to meet code, and we will even add more at your personal request. We will also disinfect the areas needed.

Our Approach to Animal and Pest Control

Dixie specializes in native species, and has great respect for the environment and creatures of the region.

Given the rapid expansion of Atlanta and surrounding areas, human development has entered animal habitats in many places. This overlap inevitably causes nuisance animals and other pests to come in contact with homes and businesses, which poses the threat of property damage and disease.

Dixie strives to take a thoughtful, responsible approach to animal control. We acknowledge the danger that wild animals and insects can pose via communicable diseases, attacks, bite infection, and damage to homes and business, and understand that the movement of humans into animal habitat makes our service necessary. Still, our highly trained technicians apply the most humane approach possible to dealing with problems.

Sometimes a nuisance animal can be removed alive; in some cases they are killed. This is why all our technicians undergo regular, on-the-job and classroom training for quick, effective techniques designed to solve animal control issues while sparing the animal any undue suffering.

Uninvited Guests? We have the solution!

Rodent proofing is a vital part of a complete rodent control program. The objective is to close all present and potential openings which may serve as entries for animals. This means changing building details to prevent animals from entering. It is important not to seal animals indoors until baiting, trapping and removal is completed. The materials for animal proofing should be critter resistant, such as sheet metal, heavy wire mesh, concrete, brick and mortar. Remember, re-infestation can occur inside animal proofed buildings when doors and windows are left open.


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