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Experienced Pest Management in Austell, Georgia

Rely on Dixie Exterminators' extensive knowledge and expertise in Austell's pests for effective solutions to your infestation problems. Benefit from our Pest Control Management Program and regular maintenance to ensure a consistently pest-free environment throughout the year.

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Our Comprehensive Pest Control Program

Our program is designed to ward off pests by creating a protective zone around your home. By using high-quality pest control products, we craft a treatment barrier that is both invisible and odorless, encircling your home's base. This barrier remains active, providing continuous defense and eliminating pests between scheduled treatments. Regular perimeter reinforcement ensures lasting protection at each service visit.

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Specialized Pest Treatment Procedures

Our technicians apply a targeted treatment extending 3 feet around your home's foundation and entrances, concentrating on potential entry points like cracks and crevices. Dense vegetation and areas under foliage receive extra treatment, as these are common pest hiding spots. We also focus on areas around trash storage and under mulch. Doors, decks, window wells, and crawlspace vents are treated meticulously to prevent pest entry.

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Schedule Your Service in Austell, Ga

Detecting pest activity? To safeguard your Austell property, reach out to us. Complete the form on our website for a prompt response from our team, or for immediate assistance, call us at 770-424-1300.

Your Local Pest Control Professionals

Managing pests, which pose threats to health, ecology, or the economy, is essential. Pests are more than a mere nuisance; they can endanger your home in Austell with risks such as bites, stings, and unsanitary conditions.

To initiate our pest control services, contact us for an inspection. A Dixie Exterminator in your vicinity will assess your property to identify entry points and the extent of the infestation. We'll collaborate with you to create a tailored strategy. Once the plan is set, we'll efficiently address your pest problem.

By combining indoor pest elimination with an outdoor treatment zone, we maintain your property's pest-free state between visits. We utilize advanced, potent products and our seasoned technicians ensure year-round protection with regular inspections.

Safeguarding Your Austell Residence Against Termites with Sentricon

At Dixie, we offer top-notch termite extermination services in Austell, Georgia, at fair prices. Our approach combines proven strategies with the latest in precise, effective treatments to protect your home from termites. The Sentricon System stands out as the most efficient solution for termite management, boasting a high rate of success in eradicating termite populations. Termite bait stations are strategically placed throughout your property, allowing termites to feed on the bait and spread it within the colony, leading to its eventual destruction. Learn more about our termite control and extermination offerings.

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Austell's Solution for Mosquito-Free Yards

Dixie Exterminators is dedicated to ensuring your outdoor experiences are free from the annoyance of mosquito bites. Our 7-month mosquito fogging program is a detailed process designed to diminish mosquito populations on your property. The process begins with a thorough inspection to identify both potential and active breeding sites. Our mosquito control technicians then apply treatments specifically to areas where mosquitoes thrive, such as foliage, standing water, and shaded spots, using adulticides to eliminate adult mosquitoes and larvicides to target the larvae. Discover more about our mosquito control solutions.

Expert Rodent Management in Austell

Our Dixie Wildlife Technician conducts a comprehensive inspection to identify any openings larger than a quarter inch as part of our rodent control strategy, emphasizing the importance of rodent proofing. The objective is to block all potential and current entry points for rats and squirrels, involving structural modifications to prevent rodent access. This rodent-proofing effort is essential for enhancing the effectiveness of our baiting, trapping, and removal processes. For more details on our rodent control services in Austell, please contact us.

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