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Buckhead, Atlanta's Expert Pest Control

Entrust your pest issues in Buckhead to the seasoned hands of Dixie Exterminators. Take advantage of our Pest Management Program and ongoing care to keep your premises free from pests all year round.

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Our Comprehensive Pest Prevention Plan

We build a protective barrier around your residence that is both imperceptible and scent-free, using premium pest control solutions. This defensive line is constantly active, thwarting pests between our routine visits, with reinforcements applied during each appointment for continuous security.

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Tailored Pest Elimination Tactics

Our specialized treatment targets a 3-foot perimeter around your home's base and entry points, zeroing in on areas prone to pest invasions. We give extra care to dense plant life and mulched regions, as well as zones near garbage storage. Treatment is thorough near doors, terraces, window areas, and vent spaces to seal off potential pest entrances.

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If pests are troubling you, secure your Buckhead home by getting in touch with us. Fill out our online form for a quick reply from our team, or call 770-424-1300 for direct assistance.

Your Neighborhood Pest Control Specialists

Addressing pests is crucial for the well-being of your health and environment. These unwelcome guests can present significant risks to your Buckhead home, such as bites, stings, and disease.

Begin our pest control service with a detailed inspection. A Dixie Exterminator in your area will survey your property for infestation levels and entry points. Together, we'll formulate a personalized action plan and move swiftly to solve your pest problems.

We blend indoor pest control with outdoor defensive strategies to keep your home pest-free in the interim between our visits. Leveraging advanced techniques and our expert team, we deliver uninterrupted protection throughout the year.

Defending Your Buckhead Property Against Termites Using Sentricon

Dixie delivers premium termite extermination services at competitive rates in Buckhead, Atlanta. We employ a mix of proven and cutting-edge treatments to ensure your home remains termite-free. The Sentricon System, renowned for its effectiveness in termite control, boasts a high effectiveness rate in wiping out termite colonies. Our approach involves placing termite bait stations around your property, which termites feed on and then distribute within their colony, leading to its elimination. Discover more about our services for termite control and extermination.

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Making Buckhead Yards Mosquito-Free with Dixie Exterminators

Dixie Exterminators is committed to enhancing your enjoyment of the outdoors by eliminating the nuisance of mosquitoes. Our comprehensive 7-month mosquito fogging plan targets mosquito infestations through a systematic approach. Starting with a detailed inspection to find both current and potential breeding sites, our technicians then apply targeted treatments to mosquito hotspots, including vegetation, stagnant water, and shaded areas, utilizing adulticides and larvicides to tackle mosquitoes at different life stages. Learn more about how we can control mosquitoes for you.

Rodent Control Services for Buckhead by Dixie

Our approach to rodent management begins with a Dixie Wildlife Technician conducting an in-depth inspection to locate any openings larger than a quarter inch, highlighting the necessity for effective rodent proofing. The aim is to close off all avenues for rodent entry, whether current or potential, by making necessary alterations to the structure. Such proofing is crucial for the success of our baiting, trapping, and removal strategies. Contact us for further information on our rodent control services in Buckhead, Atlanta.

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