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Quality Pest Control for Lawrenceville, Georgia

At Dixie Exterminators, we apply our expansive experience and familiarity with local insects in Lawrenceville to provide precise and dependent solutions for your pest nuisance. With our Pest Management Program and routine treatment services near me, you can rely on us for a stable, pest-free environment.

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Our Pest Control Program

Our Pest Control Program is tailored to ensure the prevention of bugs from invading your house by establishing a treatment perimeter. We utilize professional-grade pest control products to provide an invisible and odorless treatment barricade around your home's foundation. Although you can't see it, the treatment area continues working by eradicating invading bugs amid services. We will give your home routine treatments to reinstate the perimeter pesticide barrier at each service visit.

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Pest Control Treatment

Our technicians treat a 3 feet wide strip surrounding the foundation and entrances to your home during our routine treatments. During the treatment, we focus on foundation cracks, crevices, and other holes that could allow bugs to access your home. Special attention is accorded to spots covered by ivy and other ground covers. We also treat beneath the foliage and underneath mulch since bugs usually hide in these concealed and humid areas. The other area that we dwell on is the spots where garbage bins are kept, as pests frequently hide there too. Each entryway to your home is given a special treatment consideration since they are the potential access points for pests. Our team will treat underneath and around your home's decks, as these dark and covered areas are favorite spots for bugs. The other areas that we treat thoroughly include unfinished crawlspace vents and window wells to prevent bugs from accessing the spaces in your Lawrenceville home.

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Request Service in Lawrenceville, GA

If you notice any signs of pest infestation and believe that you have a problem, then simply contact us to protect your property in Lawrenceville, Georgia. You can use the form at the top of this page to express your concerns, and a member of the Dixie Team will get back to you shortly. For a more immediate response, please call us on 770-424-1300.

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Pest control is the controlling of any species identified as a vermin since it is considered harmful to human health, the economy, and the ecology.

Pests are beyond just the unpleasant nuisances that infest your patio, yard, or indoor spaces. They pose a serious hazard to your Lawrenceville, Georgia home besides causing unsanitary conditions, allergic reactions, and painful bites.

Dixie Exterminator begins a new pest control service by visiting your property and performing a comprehensive inspection to determine the trouble spots and determine the extent of the problem. While working with you, we will plan a customized treatment solution designed to suit your specific needs and circumstances. Once we determine the appropriate treatment solution, our exterminators will work quickly to eradicate your pest problem.

When we eliminate pests from your home, we will build a protective treatment barrier around the foundation of your house. This barrier will ensure that your property remains pest-free between services. Our treatments are based on cutting-edge technology and are exceptionally effective. Our seasoned pest control technicians carry out routine visits throughout the year to ascertain that you are protected.

Protecting Your Lawrenceville Home from Termites with Sentricon

Dixie excels at defending your home against termites by providing high quality termite control service at an affordable price. We rely on time-tested strategies and the latest in powerful, targeted control to keep your home free of termites. The Sentricon System has been shown to be the most successful termite control and baiting system, and has been proven to effectively eliminate termite colonies. The termite bait stations are strategically placed in the ground surrounding your property. Termites feed on the bait and distribute it with the other termites until the colony exterminates over time. Get more information about our termite control service.

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Mosquito Control for
Yards in Lawrenceville

Dixie Exterminators is here to help you and your family enjoy the great Georgia outdoors without being bitten by those pesky mosquitoes. Dixie’s effective 7-month mosquito fogging program is a step-by-step strategy to decrease the amount of mosquitoes in the area. First, Dixie inspects your entire Lawrenceville property to identify already present and potential mosquito breeding locations. Next, after mosquito breeding sites have been located, Dixie’s licensed mosquito technician implements a targeted technique so that only the locations where mosquitoes reside, such as shaded areas, tall grass, ivy, and bushes, are affected. Adulticides are then used to reduce the number of adult mosquitoes, and larvicides are applied to exterminate the larvae before they grow into adult mosquitoes. Find out more information about our Lawrenceville mosquito control service.

Lawrenceville’s Choice for
Rodent Control

The licensed Dixie Wildlife Technician starts with a comprehensive inspection of the home and identifies openings that are greater than one-quarter of an inch. The process of rodent proofing is an essential part of any total rodent control and prevention program. The goal is to seal all current and potential openings which may provide an entry point for squirrels and rats. This involves altering building details to block rodents from entering the home. Sealing rodents in and out can assists with the trapping, baiting, and removal services. Get more information about our rodent control service.

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