Squirrel Removal
Marietta, Georgia

Remove and Exclude Squirrels from Your Home in Marietta

Squirrel Nest in Attic Hole

Removing &
Excluding Squirrels

Dixie Exterminators bases its squirrel control services in Marietta, Georgia. Our service offering includes the trapping and removal of squirrels. We also identify and seal all entry points of the animals. We have heavily invested in a team of wildlife specialists that are experienced in identifying squirrels' entry points based on their behaviors and sealing them to prevent re-entry.

Squirrels chew holes to gain access to buildings and cause destruction of property, including insulations. The chew holes can be located in the attic's roof vents, gables vents, and roof gaps. Dixie Exterminators also removes contaminated and destroyed insulations and replaces them with new ones.

Marietta's Choice for Squirrel Services

Dixie Exterminators is a leading squirrel removal company in Marietta. Our family-operated business has been in operation for over fifty years and is well experienced and equipped to protect homes from squirrels.

Residents of Marietta find the squirrel problem too big an issue. Most homes are invaded by these little creatures that rob the peace of many. Chances are that you likely have had a terrible experience dealing with squirrels in your attic at night.

Can I find a perfect solution near me? Dixie Exterminators is a suitable solution for Marietta residents that are fed up with the little creature's invention into your house and attic, disturbing your peace of the night. This Squirrel Removal company is experienced and well-equipped to remove and prevent the invasion of homes by squirrels.

This squirrel removal company provides perfect solutions using simple and unique approaches. It is time to take back control of your house!

Proofing Your Attic from Critters

The entire squirrel control involves squirrel removal and squirrel proofing programs. Dixie Exterminators works to ensure all potential entry points and openings for squirrels are identified and sealed. To squirrel proof your attic, repair all your construction gaps.

Are the squirrel proofing materials available near me? Yes! And they include heavy wire mesh, sheet metals, brick and mortar, and concrete.

Squirrels Entering Hole in Houses Roof

Methods to Squirrel Proof Your Home

To prevent squirrel invasion, you must practice good sanitation. Good sanitation practices include covering barbecue grills and garbage cans and avoiding leaving your Pet's food in the open.

Another good prevention technique is squirrel-proofing your shrubs and tree. This involves cutting low-lying branches or those closer to the roof of your structure. To squirrel-proof trees that are widely spaced, fasten a sheet of metal of twelve-inch around the trunks. The trunk fastening should be done six feet above the ground.

You must also erect metal caged firmly into planting holes to protect your newly plated bubs. To prevent the squirrels from digging out the planted bulbs, you can also spread a wire mesh over the planted area.

You must protect vegetables and flowers using barriers. There are many available barriers to use, including hardware cloth, metal mesh, and chicken wire. The barriers must be cut to fit the size of plant and flower stems. Alternatively, you can also use chicken wire fence to protect your newly planted vegetables.

Squirrels can figure out a way of breaking into your bird feeder. To prevent this, you must create an alternative separate feeding station to distract them.

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