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Balled-faced hornets nests in the eaves

Inspection of Wasp Nests Around Your Home in Marietta, GA

Wasps are social insects, always looking for food, nests and wintering grounds. Most wasps build their nest within a building or near a place leading to a house; openings in walls or attics are good examples of their favorite places. Not every wasp nest will be easy to spot nor yellow in color-Yellowjackets will sometimes nest within the ground. Given the preferred staging grounds for a nest and the risks to homeowners , they bring, sensible homeowners will contact an exterminator to minimize an infestation or barrage of stings.

Professional Removal of Wasp Nests in Marietta.

When taking out a wasp nest on your property, you should always focus on safety. Hiring a Dixie exterminator, someone armed with the proper training and equipment, will be your best shot at total wasp nest removal; we know how best to tackle the issue without damaging ourselves, others or the property in the process.

The first step in removing wasp nests is to identify the wasp species involved. Once the species is known, the exterminator can begin their extermination and removal. Different wasps need different approaches, either because they have slightly different behaviors or tend to favor certain types of areas to make their nest.

Marietta's Dixie Exterminators know how to locate any wasp nest and have the right safety equipment and treatments in place to remove and terminate all nest residents. Furthermore, we go a step beyond others by sealing up the access points that the wasps used to infiltrate your property, greatly reducing the chances of more ever showing up again. Let Dixie's expert exterminators clear out the wasp nests.

The Process to Remove Wasp Nests

The treatment of nesting wasps requires an attentive eye to safety and the reduction of the risk of stings. Some wasps, like bald-faced hornets, are incredibly aggressive and require quick incapacitation. Removing a wasp nest requires protective clothing, pesticides and some means of reaching nests out of reach. Never remove a wasp nest without covering your face and eyes.

Use a pesticide which immobilizes quickly and apply it to the nest.Allow the nest to dry out for several minutes to ensure the activity has completely stopped.

Remove the nest from what it is fixed to and discard it.

When dealing with ground nests of species such as yellow jackets, insecticide in the form of dust is the best approach.

paper wasps on a nest
wasp on a white background

Call a Wasp Nest Removal Pro in Marietta

If you have pest management concerns, waiting is one of the worst things you can do. The sooner you can get your problem investigated and removed, the less likely your chances are for damage to your person or Marietta property. Call Dixie Exterminators and we can work on a solution.

Wasp Nest Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Dixie Exterminators to remove a wasp nest instead of doing it myself?

At Dixie Exterminators, we have the specialized equipment, protective gear, and seasoned experience to safely and efficiently handle wasp nests. Taking the DIY route without the correct know-how can lead to dangerous situations, including wasp stings or allergic reactions.

How quickly can Dixie Exterminators come to remove the wasp nest?

Our team strives for timely responses, especially during the busy seasons. For an accurate timeframe, please reach out to our office directly.

Does Dixie Exterminators guarantee that the wasps won't return?

While we ensure thorough removal of the current nest and wasps, we cannot guarantee that a new nest won't be established in the future. However, we do provide our customers with prevention tips and solutions to minimize the chances of a reoccurrence.

How much does Dixie Exterminators charge for wasp nest removal?

Costs can differ based on the nest's size, its location, and other specifics. We recommend getting a quote from our team to ensure accurate pricing.

What if I have multiple wasp nests? Will Dixie Exterminators charge extra?

We strive to offer the best value to our customers. While some situations might involve additional charges, we often have package deals for multiple nest removals. Reach out for a detailed quote.

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