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Please look here for solutions to common problems while using our Dixie Exterminators, Inc. Web Portal Online Payment System. We have organized Q&A for most of the common problems already experienced by our customers using this online system. PLEASE CALL US AT 770-424-1300 IF YOU CANNOT RESOLVE YOUR DIXIE ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM ISSUES OR STILL HAVE QUESTIONS/CONCERNS!

Questions and Answers to Common Problems using the Dixie Online Payment System!

What types of payment options do I have to pay my Dixie Bill online?

Dixie currently accepts the following credit cards online: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, AND DISCOVER. We currently do not process checks electronically at this time.

What is required in order to use the Dixie Exterminators, Inc. online payment system?

In order to use our online payment facility, you must be an existing Dixie customer, have a valid account number(s), have a validated/registered Dixie Web Portal user account with a valid email address for confirmation.

Is the assigned Dixie login password case sensitive?

Yes. Your assigned login password must be typed in exactly as it appears using the proper upper and lower case.

Can my password be changed once I login initially to the Dixie Online Payment System?

Yes. Users may change their password once they initially login by going to the MY ACCOUNT option on the left of their account login screen.

If I lost my email with my login information, can a Dixie representative email the log-in information again?

Yes, by calling Dixie customer service at 770-424-1300, Monday Thru Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, our representatives can email you the login information again! You may also email customerservice@dixiepest.com as well to have your password reset and emailed to you!

How long does it take for my online payment to process?

Some of that depends on your credit card affiliates. Usually, the credit card transaction will take the same as any other credit card purchase you would make either via retail or thru an online transaction which is around 24 hours.

What types of information can I get online for my Dixie account?

The Dixie Online Payment System can provide much valued information in regards to your Dixie Account. You may get payment history, upcoming scheduled services, print statements and invoices, review your payment balances as well as make a payment online.

How do I know if the credit card transaction was successful?

Usually almost immediately, you should receive a payment confirmation sent to the email address associated with your online account.

Can I make online payments to multiple Dixie accounts?

Yes. Provided you are a registered account user in which you are attempting to make a payment on. Your email address can be associated with multiple Dixie accounts. Once you login into our online payment system, you will be prompted which account you are wishing to review and subsequently making payments towards.

Can I use my PayPal account to make an online Dixie payment?

Currently, Dixie is not setup to receive PayPal payments towards Dixie products and services. We are actively reviewing the needed steps to make this possible in the near future.

Is the Dixie Online Payment System Safe and Secure?

Dixie’s Online Payment System is fully compliant with the PCI-DSS Standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Dixie also utilizes the Element Payment Services (EMS) Gateway Credit Card Processing platforms. This platform is one of the most secure, well known, largest credit card processor in the online community. The entire process is automated from start to finish, your credit card information is never seen by anyone.

Can Dixie Store my credit card information on file, securely, for future payments?

Yes. Utilizing our fully PCI-DSS compliant services, we can store electronically your credit card information in relation to your account for future payments, etc. Once you are able to login into our online payment system, you may choose to store your credit card securely online for future payments.