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Quality Pest Control for Douglasville, Georgia

Dixie Exterminators has the years of work experience required to know exactly what to do in every pest scenario. We are knowledgeable of the local insects in and around Douglasville, and we know how to protect you from them. We ensure you have a pest-free area between our services.

Pest Control Prices


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  • Annual Contract
  • Callbacks Included
  • Four Quarterly Services
  • $380 Year


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  • No Long-term Contract
  • No Callbacks
  • Single Service
  • $115 One-Time


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  • Annual Contract
  • Callbacks Included
  • Twelve Monthly Services
  • $900 Year

Our Pest Control Program

Our Pest Control Program fights against invading bugs and kills bugs already inside the area. We use only the highest quality professional-grade pest control products. These products setup an invisible, unscented fence around the treated area. Bugs won't cross the boundaries, and bugs already inside will be killed off. This services requires regular application, so you will need to set up a schedule with our technicians.

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Pest Control Treatment

One of our technicians will create an area with a width of around 3 feet. This area acts as a fence against invading insects. Entryways, foundation, cracks, crevices, and other key locations are given special attention. Walls covered with ivy are also treated a little differently. They are given special attention because it gives bugs an area to hide in, protecting them from our treatment. Trash bins are another hotspot for insects. Our technicians will give special attention to these areas to ensure that all pests are wiped out. Window wells, beneath docks, and crawlspaces are other areas of interests. We will inspect each home or business individually and decide upon the best treatment plan.

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Request Service in Douglasville, GA

Finding an exterminator is easy in Douglasville. Just give Dixie Exterminators a call or fill out the form on our website. You'll get faster response time by giving us a call at 770-424-1300, but the form at the top of the webpage is easy to fill out too.

Professional Exterminators Near Me

If you're tired of constantly searching the web for "professional exterminators near me," give Dixie Exterminators a try. It's important to handle a pest problem because it is detrimental to the environment and human health. It can even cause economic issues if left untreated for too long.

Bugs and other unwanted pests are much more than visual nuisances. They can damage possessions, host diseases, and they create general unsanitary conditions. Protect your home in Douglasville, Georgia with Dixie Exterminators.

Our pest control process begins with an examination of the property. Our comprehensive inspection will identify areas with problems, allowing us to come up with the appropriate treatment plan. We work with each customer individually, creating a personalized treatment service that works for all parties involved. As soon as we decide on a treatment plan, services will be utilized immediately to solve your pest problem.

After eliminating pests inside the home or building, we begin creating a treatment barrier that protects the area for the long term. This barrier protects the building between visits by using cutting-edge technology.

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