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Welcome to Dixie Exterminators! Our company has been providing Marietta, Georgia, with quality pest removal services for over fifty years now. We specialize in getting rid of nuisance animals like rodents (mice and rats), squirrels, bats, raccoons, opossums, and moles that can cause damage to your home. Our team of wildlife service professionals can identify and seal up any entryway critters may be using. This can include any gaps around your foundation, vents, gable vents, and roof gaps. We’ll make sure to use the best quality materials when blocking off these access points. In addition, if the infestation problem is severe or leads to the need for insulation removal or installation, we can help with that as well. All affected areas will be properly cleaned and disinfected.

Our Pest Removal Services

Our Pest Removal Service is designed to ensure any rodents, shrub animals, or critters that could potentially be trying to enter your home are kept away. This process involves inspecting your property and sealing any openings that may be providing access. Materials such as sheet metal, wire mesh, concrete and brick, and mortar are all used in this sealing process to guarantee that entry points are completely closed off.

Re-infestation, however, can still occur in these cases if animals can find new holes to enter your home through. That’s why Dixie provides exclusion and trapping services, which guarantee that any rodents or nuisance animals trying to get into your home are either trapped and safely removed or hindered from the entrance with the use of baiting techniques. This is an effective and long-lasting method of keeping rats and squirrels out of your home altogether.

Gutter spouts and overhanging trees can provide opportunities for critters to gain access to your roof, and it’s important to inspect and seal these locations to prevent further entry. Our local experts here at Dixie are more than qualified to identify entry points and areas of potential entry where critters may be attempting to enter your home. We use humane and effective methods to handle the infestations and guarantee the quality, care, and expertise that nearby Marietta has come to trust in our company since our founding in 1963.

Local Pest Removal Experts In Marietta, Georgia

From its humble beginnings over fifty years ago, Dixie Exterminators has become the go-to provider for effective, humane pest removal for the Marietta area. Our company was founded on using the highest quality products and services to satisfy our customers, a mission we are still dedicated to today. Honesty, integrity, and friendly service are paramount in our mission to provide customized, affordable solutions with our local expertise.

We understand that the priority when it comes to pest removal is safety, and we strive to ensure this through strategic methods and practices. Our technicians are skilled in identifying the most common critters, such as rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and more. With our inspections, we search for entry points around your property that may put you at risk, like roof and gable vents, gaps in the foundation and siding, garages, dryer vents, and dormer corners. We assess burrowing or chewing marks in the attic or evidence of damaged electrical cables and insulation.

At Dixie Exterminators, our mission is to protect your Marietta home from intruders with humane, effective solutions. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, high-quality materials, and local expertise. With us, you can depend on reliable and comprehensive pest removal services.

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Inspections For Critters Around Your Home

Our trained technicians will meticulously inspect your attic for any potential entry points like cracks around vents, potential roof damage, and gaps in the exterior, like around the foundation, siding, and gable vents, as well as garages and dryer vents.

We can identify the critters like rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and bats by their droppings, footprints, and tracks. We can also locate any attic damage done by the critters to electric cables and insulation. We carefully inspect crawl spaces for any signs of burrowing and chewing marks.

Our thorough inspection will also allow us to track any trails the critters may have made and take note of any nests or nests in the attic. With all this information in hand, our technicians will be able to recommend humane, effective methods to get rid of the pests.

Moreover, we inspect roof vents, gable vents, roof gaps, foundation vents, brick gaps, and crawl space openings for potential entry points for these critters. We use the best quality materials, such as sheet metal, heavy wire mesh, concrete, and brick and mortar, for our pest-proofing services. We also ensure that doors and windows are securely closed to avoid any re-infestation due to new entry points.

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With our pest removal services, rest assured that your Marietta home and family are safe from these nuisance animals.