Squirrel Management & Attic Solutions

Squirrel Nest in Attic Hole

Dealing with Squirrels

Dealing with the significant challenges posed by tree squirrels, including the flying variants, is no small task. At Dixie Exterminators, we provide comprehensive and effective solutions to manage these pesky pests and protect your property from the substantial damages they can cause.

Squirrels are experts at exploiting weak points in your home like vents, broken windows, construction gaps, and chimneys, which they use for nesting and food storage. These critters often cause extensive damage, particularly to wooden structures, and are notorious for invading vacant spaces such as garages.

Squirrels Infesting Your Attic

A particularly problematic area of squirrel infestation is the attic, where their activity often goes unnoticed until significant damage has been done. Telltale signs of squirrel presence in your attic include chewed holes, wood, and exposed wiring, daytime scampering sounds, droppings that resemble those of mice or rats but are slightly larger, and debris such as sticks and leaves from nesting.

Attic damage caused by squirrels is a serious concern. They can chew through roof timbers, vents, wires, chimneys, and insulation. The risk of fire resulting from chewed electrical wiring is particularly alarming. Additionally, squirrels that reside in your attic will venture out in search of food, leading to further problems.

Protecting Your Home from Squirrels

At Dixie Exterminators, our comprehensive squirrel management services include:

Exclusion Measures: Our team excels in deploying effective and permanent exclusion methods to keep squirrels at bay, ensuring no squirrels are trapped inside during the process.

Live and Lethal Trapping: We employ efficient live traps to humanely manage squirrel populations, while lethal trapping methods are used where permitted, always prioritizing the safety of non-target species.

We recommend the following:

Pruning: Regular pruning of tree branches around your property to limit squirrel access.

Feeding Restriction: We discourage homeowners from feeding squirrels to limit their presence.

Squirrels Entering Hole in Houses Roof

Sealing & Preventing Re-Entry

When it comes to securing your attic from squirrels, we take a proactive approach. After a thorough investigation to locate the squirrels' entry point, we install an excluder trap or a one-way door that allows the pests to exit but prevents them from re-entering. We also seal off any other potential entry points in your attic to ensure long-term prevention, effectively eliminating future squirrel problems.

Squirrels in Roof Hole

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

To determine if squirrels are the culprits, look out for the following signs:

Entry Points: Check for chewed holes that provide access to your attic.

Chewed Wood and Exposed Wiring: If you notice chew marks on wooden structures and exposed wiring, squirrels might be the cause.

Noise from the Attic: Rattling and scampering sounds during the day are often caused by squirrels, as they are diurnal creatures.

Droppings: Squirrel droppings resemble those of mice or rats but are slightly larger in size.

Debris from Nesting: If you find sticks and leaves in your attic, it's a clear indication that squirrels have made themselves at home.

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At Dixie Exterminators, our priority is providing comprehensive and effective solutions for tree squirrel management. Don't let squirrels cause havoc to your property or pose health risks to your family. Contact us today for reliable squirrel removal and attic sealing services. Our team of professionals adhere to best practices, ensuring effective and ethical squirrel control for your home or business.