Squirrel Removal
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Remove and Exclude Squirrels from Your Home in Atlanta

Squirrel Nest in Attic Hole

Services for
Removing Squirrels

Atlanta residents may call Dixie Exterminators if they need help with squirrels. Among these options are exclusion measures, such as closing off possible entrance sites and capturing and eradicating the pests themselves.

Squirrel exclusion is a specialty of our wildlife control team. We inspect the attic and identify entry points, such as gable vents, roof vents and cracks, through which the squirrels have chewed. Squirrels may also damage insulation. Thus we provide removal and replacement services if required.

Servicing Metro Atlanta for Over 60 Years

Our family-run firm is a respected provider of squirrel removal and control services in the Atlanta area. We've been serving here for over half a century, so we're familiar with all the streets and alleys. You may rely on us to assist you with securing your property immediately, as we are well-prepared to do so.

Many Atlanta residents see the elimination of squirrels as an urgent issue and are not wrong. You know the feeling of being attacked by squirrels if you've ever heard them scurrying about in your attic in the middle of the night.

Working with a Georgia wildlife business that knows how to exterminate these aggressive pests successfully is essential for successful squirrel removal in Atlanta. Dixie Exterminators, based in Atlanta, has been doing this for years using various techniques and methods.

Let us help you reclaim your house from the nightly antics of squirrels if you've had enough by using the appropriate squirrel removal technique.

Excluding Squirrels
from Your Home

Squirrel proofing is a crucial aspect of any successful squirrel removal strategy. The idea is to prevent the squirrels from entering by closing off all possible entry points. Fixing the construction hole will discourage squirrels from establishing a den there.

Strong wire mesh, concrete, sheet metal, mortar and brick are all good options for squirrel proofing.

Squirrels Entering Hole in Houses Roof

Managing the Environment

Maintaining high personal hygiene standards is important to avoid potential health problems. If you have pets, don't leave food out for them and make sure your trash cans and barbecues are covered.

Squirrels may do significant damage to your property. Therefore, it's important to keep tree and shrub branches at least six feet above the ground and your roof. The best way to squirrel-proof trees that are kept at a safe distance apart is to wrap a ring of sheet metal, 12 inches wide, around each trunk at the height of 6 feet above the ground.

Plant your bulbs within metal cages. When you are done planting, you may also cover the whole bed with wire mesh to prevent stunting of future development.

Protect plants with barriers: Hardware cloth, chicken wire, or 1- to 2-inch metal mesh may be put on the ground and cut around plant stems to form barriers. Alternately, you may create a chicken wire fence around your crops.

Create a feeding station that diverts attention. Squirrels can find out how to get into your bird feeder in minutes. Therefore, it's best to divert them to another feeder.

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