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Remove and Exclude Squirrels from Your Home in Mableton

Squirrel Nest in Attic Hole

Extracting Rodents
from Your Home

At Dixie Exterminators, we boast comprehensive squirrel control services in Mableton, Georgia, including trapping and removal services alongside exclusion or sealing access points. Our wildlife experts are skilled in handling exclusion and keeping squirrels from re-entering your property. We help determine the chew holes where squirrels have gained entry into your house. These areas may include roof vents, roof gaps, and gable vents surrounding the attic. Squirrels can also damage your insulation, and we come in handy in installing new insulation or removing any destroyed insulation when appropriate.

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Dixie Exterminators is a family-owned business that stands out among Mableton's top squirrel removal service providers. Boasting over 50 years of service, we are well versed in all Mableton community areas. Also, we're seasoned and ready to assist in protecting your home from squirrel damage.

Squirrel control is a significant issue in Mableton, Georgie, and many residents consider it so. If you have ever had these little creatures in your attic at night, you will acknowledge how bothersome a squirrel attack is.

Luckily, squirrel removal is possible in Mableton, provided you work with a reputable Georgia wildlife business that knows how to deter and keep these little creatures out of your house. We have been doing these services in Mableton for years, employing various methods and solutions.

If you are fed up with squirrel noises in your attic at night, let us assist you in reclaiming your home.

Block Entry Points
Around Your Home

For preventive measures, maintain proper sanitization in your home. This includes keeping your garbage bins and barbeque grills covered, and don't put pet food outside as it attracts squirrels into your Mableton home.

Squirrel-proof your trees and shrubs by trimming branches six feet from the ground and your home's roof. You can squirrel-proof trees that are sufficiently spaced by wrapping a 12" wide metal sheet ring around the trunks six feet off the ground.

Confine your bulbs by setting metal cages into planting holes. You can also opt for draping a wire mesh over the bed after planting to prevent interference with new growth.

Use barriers, such as hardware cloth, chicken wire, and metal mesh to protect your flowers and vegetables. The barriers can be laid down and trimmed to fit around plant stems or cover freshly planted vegetables using chicken wire.

Establish a diversion feeding point. Squirrels can easily puzzle out how to break into your bird feeder, so provide an alternative feeder elsewhere to distract these furry invaders.

Squirrels Entering Hole in Houses Roof

Keeping Squirrels Off Your House

Squirrel proofing is essential to a comprehensive squirrel removal program. The objective is to close off any existing or potential openings that might offer an entry point for squirrels. Once we repair these construction gaps, you won't have to worry about squirrels constructing nests in your attic.

Materials we use for squirrel proofing may include sheet metal, brick and mortar, concrete, and heavy wire mesh.

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