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Remove and Exclude Squirrels from Your Home in Powder Springs

Squirrel Nest in Attic Hole

Evacuating Those
Unwanted Critters

Dixie Exterminators is equipped and certified to handle any squirrel removal and exclusion services you may need. We offer guarantee of squirrel extermination in Powder Springs, Georgia, so you can be assured that your home will be fully protected. These services include squirrel removal, exclusion and trapping. We specialize exclusively in squirrel control and preventative measures. Squirrels can be a pest to homeowners, as they can cause damage to home structures as well as cause loss of both time and money for everyone involved. We aim to ensure that squirrels are removed from your property so these pests will no longer plague your home locations.

Home Services for Squirrels

Suppose you are wondering where I can get a squirrel removal company near me. In that case, we run a family-operated business among the leading squirrel removal services companies in Powder Springs. We have been servicing Powder Springs for over 50 years, so trust us with your squirrel removal needs and we will ensure you are satisfied. Our company has a professional staff of squirrel experts that are in a position to provide the ideal and effective squirrel removal services for your home.

Squirrels can be a nuisance when you don't control them properly. They are known to cause damage, mischief, and health problems to those who get trapped with them. If you have squirrels in your attic, do not hesitate to call our services. We will help you eliminate the squirrel pest population from your property by providing adequate control measures.

Wildlife removal can be a difficult process. Luckily, it's possible to remove a squirrel if you work with the right company, like Dixie Exterminators. If you have concerns about squirrel removal, our exterminators can help you to feel more comfortable. We believe in offering the finest services at fair rates.

If you're tired of hearing squirrels in your attic at night, it's time to stop searching for squirrel removal services near me because we can help free you from this irritation.

Prevent Squirrels from
Entering Through Openings

Keep your home clean to prevent squirrel infestation. Make sure to cover your trash cans properly and keep food off the ground so your home can remain free from these pesky rodents.

Ensure you trim your trees and shrubs six feet away from the ground and roof to prevent squirrels from nesting in your yard or escaping into your attic. You can also squirrel poof your trees if they are far apart by tethering 12-inch-wide metal bands on the lowest level of your trees, like six feet off the ground.

Put a metal cage into the planting hole to create a tight space that prevents the bulb from bursting. If you don't want to purchase one, use wire mesh over the entire bed after planting to avoid squirrels from interfering with your plants.

If you have flowers and vegetables, use different barriers like bicycle tubes, hardware cloth, or mesh netting to prevent squirrels from getting into the garden. The mesh can also be placed over your plants to prevent the squirrels from climbing up.

If you want to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder, use a diversion feeding station. They'll get the message that plenty of food is available and will feed elsewhere.

Squirrels Entering Hole in Houses Roof

Securing Your Attic Around From Squirrels

You will want to ensure that your attic is squirrel-proof. You can seal your attic shut with metal flashing or sheet metal. If you have vents in your attic, ensure you seal them with wire mesh. In addition to the vents, check to ensure no cracks or holes in your roof.

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