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In the Alpharetta area, it is common to find residential parts of the city that are interwoven with the surrounding forest. As you can imagine, these parts of town are teaming with a wide variety of wildlife that is sometimes a problem for our citizens, particularly homeowners. This being the case, our wildlife removal team is always ready and willing to lend a hand when you need it.

We're licensed, insured, and trained to deal with your wildlife issue as quickly as possible and without breaking your budget. Several of our specialties include dealing with infestations, trapping unwanted critters, and securing areas from wildlife incursion. We're proud to have had the pleasure of serving the Alpharetta area for decades as your go-to source for professional wildlife management and fast service.

Wildlife Removal Services You Can Count On

One of our main services is wildlife-prooing an area. The goal of this procedure is to deny entry to an area by any and all unwanted wildlife by locating and closing all potential entry points. This typically involves sealing or screening but we make sure that unwanted pests are removed via baiting and trapping first.

One example of this procedure would be our rodent-proofing service. We use rodent-proof materials such as wire mesh, concrete, brick and mortar, and sheet metal to help prevent reinfestation since open doors and windows can be primary points of entry. We call this "exclusion" and take it just as seriously as pest removal. This forms the basis for our three-part strategy of "trap, remove, and exclude" for long-term pest control.

It is also worth mentioning that other common entry points include vents and roofs. This is especially true in the case of air conditioning units and utilities that extend to higher floors of the dwelling which can be an easy entry point for squirrels and rats. In fact, squirrels and rats love using overhangs and gutter sprouts to get into your attic via trees with limbs that hang over your roof.

Local Wildlife Control Experts Near Alpharetta, Georgia

Wildlife removal is our specialty and we're more than happy to serve the Alpharetta, Georiga area. Our primary objective when it comes to wildlife control is to trap, remove, and exclude any wild animals that are becoming problematic within the Alpharetta area which we've been proudly serving since 1963.

In our view, wildlife removal is a means to help people like you feel comfortable in your home without having to worry about pests getting into your home and/or damaging your property. We understand that getting rid of unwanted wildlife must be done as quickly as possible which is why we work hard to keep your property safe and protected from incursions by wild animals. If you're having problems with the local wildlife, don't hesitate to call us as soon as possible to learn more about how we can help with our wildlife removal services in the Alpharetta, Georgia area.

Squirrels Entering Hole in Houses Roof

Wildlife Inspections for Your Home

One of the first things we do to help homeowners is to inspect their property for signs of unwanted wildlife. This includes areas such as the attic which will be checked for cracks and general roof damage that could create a point of entry. Other areas we inspect include: Garage door corners, Siding gaps, Siding holes, Dormer corners, Roof gaps, Roof vents, Gable vents, Ridge vents, Crawl space vents, Dryer vents, Crawl space doors, Crawl space vents, Brick gaps

Contact Us for Wildlife Control Services

Our wildlife control experts are adept at dealing with practically any pest including squirrels, bats, raccoons, rats, and mice, just to name a few. They will check your property for signs of these pets such as droppings, tracks, and footprints. On top of this, we will also look for signs of property damage to AC ducts, PVC pipes, electric cables, and insulation. Specific signs we look for are animal droppings around the water heater, on the floor, or on the AC unit. Insulation damage, ground burrows, and damage to water pipes are also signs we look for as well.