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Pest Control Service in
Marietta, Georgia

Dealing with pests can be a pain, and they can cause extensive damage to your home. At Dixie Exterminators, we have years of experience and extensive knowledge on the local insects that are in the Marietta area. When you hire us to do your pest control, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your home is free from pests all year long.

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  • Annual Contract
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  • Four Quarterly Services
  • $380 Year


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  • $900 Year

Our Pest Control Program

We have a unique pest control program for Marietta, Georgia, that protects your home by creating a barrier to exterminate the pests before they enter your home. The products that our exterminators use to rid your home of insects are professional grade. You will not see nor smell the barrier that surrounds your Marietta home. This barrier will work every single day and night to protect your home from unwanted pests. At each treatment, we will come out and make sure that the barrier is reapplied and working well.

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Pest Control Barrier

When the pest control barrier is put in place, one of our exterminator will come out and treat around the foundation and entryways of your home. This treatment will be about three feet wide and will keep insects from coming into your house. If you have areas around your house that have ivy or shade, these areas will get special attention. Pests love to hide under these areas. The spots where you keep your trash cans will also be treated thoroughly to ensure that insects do not get into this area, as this is a perfect breeding ground for them. Places like your crawl space vents and window wells will also be treated.

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Request Service In
Marietta, GA

If you see any signs of pests in your Marietta home, you will want to call for pest control near me as soon as possible. If left untreated, your pest problem could become severe and that would require a more involved service. Please fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 770-424-1300.

Professional Exterminators Near Me

Pest control is an essential part of life. Pests can cause harm to your health, home, and even the outside of your home. Pests can cause unsanitary living conditions, painful bites that can become infected, and they can also cause allergies. If you want to ensure that your Marietta home is free from pests, please call us today.

When a Dixie Exterminator comes out, they will do a complete inspection of your home. They will find out how bad your pest issue is and determine where the trouble spots are. They will then plan a solution to determine how best to deal with your pest problems. Our pest control services will be deployed quickly to eliminate your pest issue.

By getting our services, you will get a protective barrier that will help to protect your home all year long. We only use treatments that are based in cutting-edge technology, and we will do routine visits to ensure that your protective barrier never fails.

Using Sentricon to Protect Homes From Termites in Marietta

Dixie Exterminators Inc. is a pest control company offering protection against termites for people in Marietta, Georgia. Dixie offers high quality termite control services at affordable prices. We apply the latest and proven target control techniques to treat termites. We use a product known as the Sentricon System to get rid of termite colonies on your property. It is a baiting system in which bait stations are put in-ground around your home. The termites feed on the bait until they are all eliminated. Get more information about our termite control service.

Termites eating rotten wood
mosquitoes swarming over grass

Mosquito Control for
Yards in Marietta

Dixie Exterminators is focused on helping you and your family members in Marietta to enjoy time outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes. We apply a mosquito fogging program for eliminating mosquitoes over a seven month season. The program involves inspecting your property to identify potential and existing breeding sites for mosquitoes. Upon locating the sites, a Dixie technician applies a localized approach to treat the areas infested with mosquitoes. Adulticides are used to exterminate mature mosquitoes and larvicides to eliminate younger mosquitoes before they grow into adults. Get more information about our mosquito control service.

Marietta Rodent Control

Dixie also offers rodent control services. A Dixie Wildlife expert starts the rodent control process by conducting thorough inspection in your home to locate openings measuring a quarter inch and above. Once the openings are located, rodent proofing is undertaken. The aim of rodent proofing is to close all potential and existing holes that rats and squirrels may use to access your property. However, the sealing of these spaces is conducted once all rodents have been baited, trapped and removed from your property. Get more information about our rodent control service.

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