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Dixie Exterminators depends on our significant knowledge and experience of native insects in Woodstock to give you focused, dependable pest remedies. You can rely on a steady, pest-free environment in between services with our Pest Management Program and routine treatments.

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  • Annual Contract
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  • $900 Year

Our Pest Control Program

By constructing a treatment area surrounding your home, we guarantee that our Pest Control Program will keep invading bugs at bay. We create an invisible and odorless protection shield all around the foundation of your property using professional pest control solutions. The treatment zone continues to operate for you even when you can’t see it, exterminating invading bugs in between sessions. Every service will include routine treatments to rebuild the surrounding pesticide barrier around your home.

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Pest Control Treatment

The expert will treat a 3-foot wide strip around your home’s foundation and entryways. The treatment shield concentrates on foundation fractures, holes, and other areas where bugs could enter. Ivy-covered or other ground-cover-covered areas receive extra attention. We spray beneath the leaves for pest control because pests frequently hide in these humid, hidden regions. We treat sites where rubbish containers are stored because they are often pest hideaways. Because bugs commonly reside beneath mulch, we also treat them in these areas. Because these apertures are a possible entry location for pests, each entryway is given special attention. We treat the area surrounding and beneath decks. These dark, shady areas are ideal for bugs. Window wells and incomplete crawlspace vents are examples of unfinished crawlspace vents that are among the priority areas, and we pay close attention to them.

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If you notice pest infestation and suspect a problem, call us for pest control to protect your Woodstock, Georgia property. Fill in the form at the top of the page, and a member of the Dixie Team will contact you shortly. Call us at 770-424-1300 for more urgent assistance.

Professional Exterminators Near Me

Pest control is the management of a species that is considered a nuisance since it is harmful to people’s health, the environment, or the economy.

Pests are much more than unattractive annoyances that may wreak havoc on your lawn, patio, or kitchen countertops. Pests can also be a severe threat to your Woodstock, Georgia home. Pest bites can be painful, produce allergic reactions, and create unclean circumstances.

Is there help available near me?, Well, to start a new pest control program, a Dixie Exterminator does a thorough examination to identify problem areas and determine the scope of the problem in your home. We will collaborate with you to provide a solution tailored to your requirements and circumstances. Services swiftly cure your pest problem once we’ve decided on the best treatment option.

We can sustain results that keep your house pest-free between treatments by removing pests within your home in Woodstock and constructing a preventive protection shield around the foundation. We use cutting-edge technologies to deliver successful treatments. Our professional pest control professionals will visit you regularly over the year to ensure that you are protected.

Dixie Uses the Proven Sentricon System for Termite Control

Homes are valuable assets and need to be protected from termite damage. Dixie Exterminators uses the Sentricon System, a proven termite baiting system that is effective and affordable. Sentricon System bait stations are evenly distributed around the property grounds for maximum protective coverage. Termites that feed on the bait will share it with their colony. Eventually, the bait tracks to the entire colony to wipe it out. Termites left unchecked can cause extensive structural damage leading to expensive repairs. Protect your Woodstock home with Termite Control from Dixie. Get more information about our termite control service.

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Enjoy the Outdoors in Safety and Comfort with Mosquito Control

Do not allow aggravating mosquitos to prevent you from enjoying the great outdoors. Dixie offers a gradual 7-month program in mosquito control. A mosquito technician will inspect your property to identify present and potential mosquito breeding grounds. A localized approach exterminates the mosquitos. Breeding grounds and trouble areas such as shrubs, ivy, tall grasses, and shady spots receive a series of regular treatments. Adulticide is used to diminish the adult mosquito population. Larvicides are used on the breeding sites to prevent mosquito larvae from becoming adults. Mosquitos are a nuisance, and they also spread disease. Enjoy that summer picnic or outdoor gathering in mosquito-free comfort and safety. Contact us for Mosquito Control in the Woodstock area.

Expert Rodent Control in Woodstock and Throughout Georgia

If varmints plague you, contact Dixie for Rodent Control. A Wildlife Technician will inspect your Woodstock home for rodents. A thorough evaluation locates rodents inside the structure. Next, the technician places baited traps. Once rodents have been trapped and removed from the interior, an inspection of the interior and exterior of the entire structure unveils possible entry portals for mice, rats, and squirrels. The entire building will be rodent-proofed. Openings larger than a quarter of an inch are identified and sealed off to prevent rodent invasion. Dixie has the expertise to keep your Woodstock home rodent-free. Get more information about our rodent control service.

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