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Atlanta's residential neighborhoods and the surrounding forest are intricately entangled. Wild animals found in these places sometimes cause problems for nearby residents. We have local wildlife removal experts in the Atlanta area who can assist if you are experiencing an animal concern. Address your wildlife issue affordably and quickly with the help of our trained experts, who are qualified and insured to do the job. Excluding animal infestations, trapping, and safeguarding locations are all areas of expertise for our crew. Because of our expert handling of the situations and prompt response time, we have built a solid reputation over the years that we have worked in the wildlife removal business.

What Our Wildlife Removal Services Entail

The process of wildlife control is an integral aspect of any successful wildlife eradication strategy. The goal is to plug all existing holes that pests could use to gain access to the building. We ensure that vents and entrances are screened or sealed so that animals can't get inside. However, this is necessary after trapping, baiting, and removal. The three activities are crucial in ensuring that animals are not sealed inside. The valuable rodent-proofing items we use include thick wire mesh, sheet metal, concrete, and brick and mortar. Even in structures thought to be rodent-safe, infestation can happen if doors or windows are left open or if fresh chew holes are made. The best, most permanent way to prevent rodents like squirrels and rats from entering your home is to exclude them from the area. The most effective strategy involves capturing the rodents, eliminating them, and sealing off the area. The majority of intrusions occur through uncovered holes or vents in the roof. We will examine and seal any spots where rats and squirrels could access your home by using ductwork or other service lines that run through aluminum gutter spouting to reach the upper floors. Due to their agility, rodents like rats and squirrels frequently gain access to attics via the downspouts or by climbing trees that overhang the structure.

We are Local Animal Control Professionals in Atlanta, Georgia

We offer wildlife control services in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. When wild animals cause problems in a community, we respond by dispatching our animal control team to deal with the situation. Since 1963, our small business has served the Atlanta, GA, area by delivering the highest quality animal control services.

Our intention is for every homeowner to be able to unwind and take pleasure in their dwelling without having to fret about unwanted wildlife. Getting rid of these creatures as quickly as possible is crucial to ensuring the safety of your house, and our staff will do all it takes to achieve this goal. To learn more about our wildlife removal services in Atlanta, GA, we encourage all of our Atlanta neighbors and friends to contact us today.

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Wildlife Inspections Services Around Your Home

We check a wide range of exterior features of your residence. Within the attic, we shall look for signs of roof damage, such as missing shingles or leaks, as well as check for any rays of sunlight that may have found their way in via the openings in the gable ends and roof. We will examine the roof gaps, gable vents, roof vents, dryer vents, wood damage, garage door corners, ridge vents, crawl space vents, brick gaps, dormer corners outside the home crawl space door, siding gaps, foundation holes, and siding holes.

Bats, rats, squirrels, mice, raccoons, and other creatures are some pests our professionals in wildlife removal are familiar with and knowledgeable in eradicating. We look for imprints and tracks and examine the feces for color, shape, and size. In the attic, we look for signs of tampering with the insulation, ductwork, or wirings, such as tracks on the ceiling or airflow disruptions caused by borrowing or cutting into the insulation. We also examine disruption to insulation, soil borrows pipes, and droppings on the crawlspace, water heater, air conditioning unit, or on the floor level.

Wildlife Exclusion Services FAQ

What is wildlife exclusion?

Wildlife exclusion refers to the practice of preventing wildlife from entering and inhabiting human structures, like homes or businesses, without harming the animals. It involves identifying potential entry points and sealing them using various tools and methods.

Why is wildlife exclusion necessary?

Wildlife exclusion helps prevent potential property damage, health risks associated with wildlife droppings, and the spread of zoonotic diseases. It also ensures animals don't become trapped in human structures, which can lead to unnecessary harm or death.

How is wildlife exclusion different from extermination?

Extermination often involves the killing of pests or wildlife. Wildlife exclusion focuses on preventing animals from entering in the first place or encouraging them to leave without harm.

What methods are used in wildlife exclusion?

Common methods include sealing entry points, using one-way doors that allow animals to exit but not re-enter, and installing barriers like fences or netting. Repellents and deterrents may also be used.

Is wildlife exclusion humane?

Yes, when done correctly, wildlife exclusion is a humane way to manage wildlife conflicts. It prevents animals from entering certain areas without causing them harm.

What types of wildlife can be excluded?

Commonly excluded wildlife includes bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, rodents, and snakes. However, effective methods vary based on the species.

Will wildlife exclusion affect the local ecosystem?

Properly executed wildlife exclusion shouldn't negatively impact the local ecosystem. It simply redirects wildlife away from human structures.

How long does wildlife exclusion last?

If done professionally and maintained regularly, wildlife exclusion can last for many years. However, as structures age or undergo wear and tear, new vulnerabilities may appear, requiring attention.

Does Dixie Exterminators offer any guarantees with their wildlife exclusion services?

At Dixie Exterminators, we take pride in our work and offer guarantees on our services. If wildlife re-enters within a specified timeframe, we commit to addressing the issue at no or reduced cost. However, specific guarantee details may vary, so it's best to discuss directly with us.

How much does Dixie Exterminators charge for wildlife exclusion?

The cost of wildlife exclusion with Dixie Exterminators depends on factors such as the size of the structure, the type of wildlife involved, the extent of the problem, and the methods we employ. We recommend reaching out to us for a personalized quote to meet your needs.

Can I perform wildlife exclusion myself?

While some methods can be executed by homeowners, it's often best to hire professionals to ensure the exclusion is effective and humane. Mistakes can lead to trapped or injured animals and incomplete exclusion.

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